Stressed Out Around Christmas? Learn How to De-Stress Here!

Do you get stressed out around the holidays? Learn how to make them less stressful and more enjoyable in this article we found.

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From the article:

As the stores fill with toys and more and more holiday catalogues arrive daily in the mail, many parents find themselves inundated with outrageous holiday gift requests from their kids.

“‘Tis the season for kids to chant, ‘Buy, buy, buy,’ and for the media to encourage huge spending on the latest toys, games and electronic devices,” says Brent Hatch, who co-authored the book Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World (Greentree Pub., 2006), with his wife, Phelecia Hatch.

In facing these demands, the Hatches advise parents to stay strong. “There are much better ways to celebrate the holidays and much better ways to show our children that we love them and care for them than giving in to their begging for materialistic things they’ve seen on television or in the newspaper ads,” says Phelecia.

The Hatches, who are raising seven children of their own, share their tips that not only will make the holidays merrier, but will also help to balance the budget and de-stress the season.

1.Offer options other than TV.
“Children have much less interest in the latest gadgets if television time is restricted and newspaper ads are thrown away,” says Phelecia. ” If they aren’t spending time being bombarded with well-funded advertisements, they won’t be enticed by things they may not really want anyway.” Instead of cartoons, entice them by offering to play a board or card game.

2. Watch what you ask for.
Parents are the best example for their children. If you fill your wish list with expensive items or demand a sleigh full of things under the tree, your children will do likewise. Keep your own list simple and tell your children that you want non-material things for the holidays. Ask them to give you the gift of getting along with their siblings or of voluntarily cleaning their room for a week.

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