Housecleaning Tips for Busy Parents

On the Fence About Hiring a Housekeeper? Read This and Then Decide!

If you are a busy mom, professional, or just don’t have much time in your life for the mundane you might have considered hiring a full time house cleaner. Or maybe you’ve never considered it. Read this article we found that gives one family’s true account of what made them go this direction and then decide for yourself.

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From the article:

The “housekeeper dilemma”
Over time, however, I’ve realized that my guilt is misplaced. (Although it still lingers a bit.) Why would I feel any guiltier paying someone for cleaning my house than cooking my food at a restaurant, or growing my food at a farmer’s market, or knitting a hat I buy at a cute store? I can cook; I can grow food; I can knit. But often I choose to pay someone else to do these tasks rather than do them myself. Why does the housekeeper, then, represent such obscene luxury in our debates on the complexities of social economics?

Primarily, I believe it’s because we see our housekeeper face-to-face. We invite her into our homes and our lives. We see the struggles in her life (she’s a divorced mom of two teenagers) in a way that is invisible for the many other jobs we outsource. The agricultural worker doesn’t deliver pears to my door, nor the factory worker bring inexpensive mass-produced products to personally stock the shelves in my pantry. I don’t directly pay the garbage-collector, the office custodian, or the guy who sweeps out the theater after J.D. spills all his candy on the floor. For these things, there’s an insulating layer of “a company” between the producer of the goods and the consumer. With housekeeping, no such dividing layer exists.

Professional housecleaning, like agricultural harvesting, child-care, and many service-industry jobs, is a job that is frequently performed by people without much higher education or unique skills. (Or they are choosing not to use that education or skills, or perhaps there is no market for their particular talents.) These jobs are typically low-paying, but that doesn’t mean the people who perform these jobs are unworthy. I’m all for a living wage, but the more specialized and rare your skills, the higher salary you can command if there is a market for those skills. It’s basic supply and demand. And just because a job doesn’t pay well does not mean that job is demeaning.

In my mind, the bottom line is that everyone outsources. Unless you grow, harvest, and process your own food, make your own clothes from fibers you’ve produced and spun, build your own house, create your own power sources, and are completely independent from the long chain of people in the manufacturing economy, you’re paying other people to do that which you do not want to do, don’t want to make time to do, or lack the skills to do. In the modern word, specialization is the norm.

So, do what work works for you — I’ll be in the garden.

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Read the entire article here:

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