Learn How to Maintain a Clean Tile Shower Here

Tile showers are pretty to look at but a real pain to keep clean. In order to help you avoid aggravation now and in the future we found this article that we hope will help you get and keep a clean tile shower. Good luck!

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From the article:

There is one thing, however, that is guaranteed to keep your tile shower looking new, and it is the only thing you can do to accomplish this. Each and every time the shower is used, it must be completely dried out. Some people use a window washer’s “squeegee” to pull the water down from the walls and then use a towel to sponge it up from the bottom of the shower. At our house we simply use our worn out towels to do the job. When I shower I take two towels into the bathroom: one for me and one for the shower. I have seen showers built years before that still look brand new, having been maintained in this manner.

If you fail to wipe down your shower each time it’s used, two things will occur: the grout between the tiles will breed mold and mildew, making an ugly mess that’s hard to clean up; and minerals in your water will etch or pit the glaze on the surface of the tiles, making them impossible to clean as time goes on. Etching also occurs on your glass shower door (usually toward the bottom) if it is not dried each time the shower is used.

Now, what to do about a shower that has not been maintained in the above manner since it was new? Use cleaners that do not contain acids of any sort (this includes vinegar). Acids “clean” by removing desirable material, i.e., layers of grout from tile joints and elements of certain ceramic glazes from the surface of the tiles. Not good at all.

You need a good alkaline cleaner/stripper to remove built-up soap scum and mineral deposits. Use this cleaner only when heavy build-up is present. It is not to be used as a day-to-day cleaner. For routine maintenance use a pH neutral cleaner. Both products are available at tile supply stores.

Want some other ideas to clean the tile? Checkout this article about cleaning tile for busy parents that could be of interest to you.

Read the whole article here: http://www.johnbridge.com/articles/showers/tile-showers/

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