Fun Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained!

Looking to give things to your kids to do that don’t involve the TV? Try out these ideas and hopefully your kids won’t even miss the tv!

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Use real food for play
They have a lovely little toy kitchen they barely use any more – surely they aren’t growing up that fast! I find if I give them some “real” food to cook in their kitchen (or on the floor in my “real” saucepans) it sparks a whole new interest and they will be busy for quite a while. Things I might give them are coffee beans, dry pasta, dried beans etc. They add water and make a mess but I can live with that.

Back yard safari
Send them on a safari! We are lucky enough to have a good sized back yard at the house we are living in now. A year ago we had a paved inner-city courtyard so we all appreciate the extra space and grass for the kids to run on. One game they like to play is using their toy binoculars and going on a “safari”.

Miss R has a list of the essential places she REALLY wants to visit and it goes something like this: The North Pole (of course), space, the moon, the jungle and Africa. We won’t be travelling to these places any time soon but I love to hear this list, and she loves to pretend she’s really on safari and look for the tigers in the garden.

If they are lucky they will see big white cockatoos, colorful parrots and pink galahs for real, and they are always suitably impressed. We picked these toy binoculars up at the op-shop for 50 cents, but if you don’t have any, try making some from toilet rolls stuck together.

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