Find New Uses for Old Things!

Do you have old things laying around your home that you aren’t sure what to do with them? Checkout this article we found that outlines 50 ways to make old things new again.

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From the article:

  • Twister Mat as TableclothProtect the dinner table during a kid’s party, so right-hand-red Kool-Aid spills and left-hand-blueberry pie blobs don’t become permanent features.
  • Toothbrush as Corn Cleaner
    Use a clean toothbrush to remove stray threads of silk from freshly shucked ears of corn. The bristles will lift them away quickly and efficiently.
  • At a party, stash ice in a colander set on top of a bucket or a bowl. Water will drain out, and guests will get only the solid stuff.
  • Vegetable oil will put a shine on leather shoes. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt, then run a soft cloth with a drop of oil over the surface to (literally) add polish.
  • Drink Carrier as Condiment Kit
    Cart condiments to a backyard barbecue. Slot flatware, ketchup and mustard in the compartments for easy transport.
  • A binder clip serves as a key chain/money holder you can clamp to your waistband for a purse-free morning walk.
  • Save a countertop with an old mouse pad turned trivet. (Make sure it has a nonplastic coating.)
  • No more oops! moments when painting, if you cover doorknobs and hardware with aluminum foil.
  • That straightening iron works on more than rambunctious hair: Use it to press between buttons, where a regular iron won’t fit.
  • Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser
    Make no-mess pancakes with the help of a ketchup bottle: Pour in batter, then squeeze out precise portions.
  • Plastic Easter Eggs as Snack Containers
    Give Easter eggs a year-round use (and save on resealable bags) by filling them with snacks like crackers or Cheerios.

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