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Looking for some, fast, easy, nutritious meal ideas that your family will love? Then you’ve come to the right place! Checkout these meal ideas to add some new recipes into your life!

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Plan ahead Take a few minutes each week to plan your shopping and menu ideas. Buying more fresh food will force you to cook more often. Earlier in the week prepare whichever foods are the least long-lasting. If you have spinach and cauliflower in the fridge, the spinach is best cooked immediately because the cauliflower will last three or four days perfectly well.

Improve fast foods If you are going to eat some pre-packaged, convenience, or take-away foods learn which are the most healthy, or at any rate the least unhealthy. Also, if you are going to eat convenience foods, learn to quickly and easily improve the nutritional content of the meal. There is nothing wrong with a good quality pizza but if you add a mixed vegetable salad alongside it and finish with a piece of fruit then the balance of the meal will be that much better. (Check out also Boosting nutrients)

Make extra When you do cook, make extra helpings. Taking time at the weekends to prepare meals that can be frozen is one practical solution. Or cook something one day that can serve as the basis of the next day’s meal. Baked salmon is delicious cold the next day, extra rice could be used for a stir-fry, left over vegetables can be turned into a tasty soup, shredded chicken served with a peanut sauce and shredded lettuce in Chinese wraps (buy these fresh or frozen).

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