Easy Pet Cleanup

Pets are so much fun to have. Cleaning up after them is another story. We found this article with helpful easy tips to help you keep a clean home despite the fact that you have a pet. We hope that at least some of the tips work for you and your furry loved one!

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From the article:

Minimize the Mess
Cleaner pets mean a cleaner house. Regularly bathing and brushing your pets will reduce the amount of fur, dander, and odors they bring into and leave lingering in the home. Purchase a cheap lint brush (the kind with tacky tape wrapped around it) and keep it handy to pick up loose pet hair quickly and easily.

Another handy pet-mess-prevention tip is to spray a light mist of vegetable cooking oil on the inside of your pet dishes before you feed them. This makes both food and water dishes easier to clean out, and the oil will add shine to your furry friend’s coat.

Pet Hair Removal
Carpeting is probably the easiest household item to remove pet hair from, since we tend to vacuum regularly. Just make sure that your vacuum has a beater brush or brush roll to really lift the carpet fibers and pull pet hair out of the floor.

On fabrics and upholstery, a brush with crimped nylon bristles (pet rake) will speed up the removal of pet hair tenfold. Use light, even strokes in one direction to remove the hair. Velour brushes, tape rollers, and even packing tape wrapped around your hand will work well too.

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Read all the tips here: http://voices.yahoo.com/cleaning-tips-pet-owners-4264.html

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