Don’t Forget the Storage Places, When Cleaning!

When it comes time to do our regular or spring cleaning we never forget places like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom but what about the not so obvious places like your closet and storage areas? Checkout this article on how and why to not forget these areas.

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From the article:

It’s time to spring clean again, and those shelves and drawers you’ve been using to store the extras in your home have taken on a life of their own. A few new organization ideas will bring new life and more room to your storage spaces.

Closet chaos
We all have a dreaded closet we brace ourselves for before opening, the one that is close to creating an avalanche every time we reach inside. Organization expert Gigi Miller of Vision Organizing says, “Use colorful bins, plastic containers, baskets and drawer dividers to divide and conquer clutter.” A few great baskets and coordinating drawers can transform any closet into a well-organized system. “Keep like items together and store them close to where you would use them,” Miller adds.

Kitchen clutter
It’s time to tackle those dreaded kitchen cabinets that we tend to throw everything into that doesn’t have a place somewhere else. “Pull-out bins allow maximum use of storage space while maintaining the ability to bring all stored items into view when needed,” offers Scott Barnes of Tailored Living. These rattan baskets from Sidelines are ideal for small snack items in pantries.

Laundry lineup
If you have the typical busy home, the laundry piles are never ending and hard to hide. Barnes recommends pull-out hampers as a solution for hiding those dirty clothes somewhere less obvious than behind the bedroom door. “Able to be neatly tucked away in closets, pull-out hampers also offer two handles that make for easy trips to the laundry room,” he points out. You can find this hamper at Closet Masters.

Office organization
The home office seems to be the first place to drop every piece of mail and paper there isn’t already a place for. Keep the clutter at bay by creating a specific place for everything in your office. Miller recommends, “Create a simple incoming and outgoing area for paper. Separate paper into two categories: ‘action needed’ (bills to pay, appointments to make) and ‘to file’ (paid bills, insurance statements). Other categories can be added as needed.”

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