Decrease the Paper in Your Life!

Paper seems to be everywhere we look. Take a look at this article and we’re sure that at least some of these ideas will help decrease the amount of paper in your life!

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From the article:

Feel like you’re drowning in paper? Between the junk mail, payment confirmations, bill statements, donation requests, and family correspondences, your home can look like it was hit by the paper tornado. Try these 10 easy steps to reduce the paper in your home.

1. Automate.
Sign up to make payments online. Companies will continue to send statements to your home, but now these statements can be easily filed without worrying about forgetting to pay.

2. Access the Trash.
Open incoming mail over the trash. Standing over the trash as you open mail, gives you easy access to the best place for junk mailings, outer envelopes, and any other paper clutter.

3.File It.
Find a filing cabinet and divide your important papers into categories. File incoming papers after opening the mail. Things that need attention or action can be place in the appropriate spot in the mail center (see below.)

4. Contain the Memories.
Create a place for paper memories. Youth artwork, birthday cards, and other memories need their own storage. Consider giving each family member a container to store memories. Once the container is full they may have to make choices about what to keep and what to throw out.

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Read all the ideas here:

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