Cleaning Tips for Back to School

Summer is such a busy time. With family vacations and the kids off from school it’s no wonder by the time August hits that the house isn’t as clean as it normally would be. We found this article that we hope will get you back into your cleaning routine as the kids return to school.

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From the article:

1. Get the kids involved!
More than likely, you’ve been a lil’ lax on the kids cleaning chores, and who can blame you? Trips to the beach, baseball games, and summer BBQ’s often take precedence over your normal chores. Create a checklist for your kids. Start with their room and extend their list of responsibilities to common areas. Think about creating a reward system to help incentivize your little workers. You’re reward is a clean house!

2. Reduce and De-clutter
Take some time out to inventory the items around your house. Do you need that VHS player that’s been gathering dust for 5 years? Still hoping that acid wash comes back in style? Giving up on those items will clear tons of space and help to renew entire rooms in your home. Encourage your kids to do the same! It might be time to let go of that teddy bear you won at that carnival when you were 5.

3. Nature’s dirty impact
A fresh summer breeze is so nice, but it’s also so dirty. Natural elements like pollen and other asthma inducing villains, like dust mites, are important to remove from the inside of your home. Use a steam cleaner to sanitize and refresh the soft areas of your home that is too big to throw in the washer and dryer. A thorough vacuuming of rugs and upholstery are important after steaming so that any bacteria and germs killed by your steamer can be removed.

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Read all the tips here:

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