Become Less Stressed and More Productive with Time Management!

As moms we need all the help we can get. Sometimes an objective outside opinion is all we need in order to streamline our lives and become more organized and less stressed. We found this article that we hope will help you become less stressed and more productive!

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From the article:

Time-Saving Ideas
Sleep in. Or at least stop trying to write and be a mom in the mornings. “Esti’s morning schedule is self-defeating, because writing and kids are both priorities,” says Brown. It’s a common problem for women who work from home; the “office” is always there, beckoning. The best solution is for Esti to think of her day in shifts: Use mornings solely for household duties (or for getting some much needed sleep), and save work for when the kids are at school. She should block writing time out as if it’s an important meeting. Also, if Esti’s not rising at dawn, she might not crash when the kids do and could use an hour at night to work or spend time with her husband.

Back away from the washing machine. Esti’s daily laundry habit wastes water and time, says Laura Stack, the author of Find More Time: How to Get Things Done at Home, Organize Your Life, and Feel Great About It ($14, “Unless her kids are mucking out horse stables, their jeans can make it through more than one wear.” If Esti can cut laundry to two or three times a week, she’ll save hours. (The same holds for ignoring a little dust or a drawer that sticks.)

Plan outfits for the week. Esti’s kids can choose seven outfits each on Sunday (Chaim may need a little help) and tuck them into a hanging sweater organizer labeled with the days of the week. “Giving her children more independence in dressing themselves will minimize Esti’s morning battles,” says Stack. It will also help the kids establish a routine (clothes on and teeth brushed in eight minutes or less, for example). Esti and Avi can reward them when they stick to it—or dock privileges if they don’t.

Seek out free help. If Esti needs more than the couple of working hours she gets while the kids are at school, she could talk to other mothers about swapping playdates. She gets extra writing time one afternoon and reciprocates on a less busy day.

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