40 Years A Family Tradition – Lauren Folks’ Maid Service in Baton Rouge

Lauren Folks’ dream wasn’t always to manage Guarantee Girls, maid service in Baton Rouge,  founded by her mother Ellen Folks in 1983.  When asked why, Lauren said, “I didn’t want to be known as the owner’s daughter.  I wanted respect from the employees because I earned the job on my own merit, not because I was given it.”

After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University, she worked for the (East Baton Rouge DA’s office for Family Law.  After 2.5 years, Lauren decided to leave because of the lack of opportunity for advancement.  Lauren said, “I didn’t want to wait for someone to resign or retired for me to gain more responsibility”. When a management position opened at Guarantee Girls, she discussed with Ellen her vision for Guarantee Girls.

Lauren’s first successes were in operations.  She improved the process of chemicals were used, how the cleaners got their supplies and developed the system our cleaners use today to lessen their time in the office and focus on our clients.  Another success was increasing the fun work environment.  Lauren has “Crazy Fridays”, live auctions for employees, creates songs to celebrate her team’s accomplishments and bakes on a regular basis for birthdays and anniversaries.  One thing remains constant, a focus on customer service and helping those in need.  Lauren carries on her mother’s involvement with “Cleaning for a Reason”, where Guarantee Girls assist cancer patients with their home cleaning needs pro bono.

“Through my experience at Guarantee Girls, I learned being a boss is a lot harder than it looks.” Reflecting on growing up, “I feel second generation business owners who watch their parents start and run a company, think it’s easy.  It does have its rewards, but I have learned it’s a lot of hard work, tears and time to make a company successful.”

In 2014, Lauren has hit some major milestones.  In January, she was announced as a Co-Owner for the maid service in Baton Rouge; in “August” she and her husband Chris are expecting their first baby, who we all hope will continue the family tradition of serving their greater Baton Rouge family.

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